four suspected detainees were sentenced to death


They are accused of killing seven children and injuring several people in a school in the southwestern part of the country on October 24, 2020. This deadly attack provoked strong reactions nationally and internationally. But the trial itself is strongly condemned by the defense.

Since 2017, armed separatist groups have introduced a boycott of education in the two English-speaking regions of the country. This is the first trial against suspected detainees for these crimes against schools.

It is the military court in Buea, in the English-speaking region of the southwest, that ruled in this trial for murder of seven school children. Twelve people showed up, all accused of terrorism, hostility to the homeland, seclusion, insurrection, murder and illegal possession of weapons. Four were sentenced to death.

Ten days to appeal For lawyer AtohWaltersTchemi, defense lawyer, this trial was ashamed of irregularities. He condemns the lack of sufficient evidence to identify the attackers. “Only one of the four dead to death is said to be a former independence fighter. The others were arrested by the police, blindfolded, then taken to the station and forced to make statements.”

Since 1997, none of the more than 100 people sentenced to death in Cameroon have been executed, yet Me Atoh Walter’s Tchemicraint has found that the four alleged detainees were not actually shot in public, as the military court ruled.

The judicial authorities do not carry out executions, probably due to their international obligations. Cameroon has ratified the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights, but that does not mean that the accused will not be shot. ”

The Ministry of Defense contacted RFI and stated that the accused have ten days to appeal to non-military jurisdictional bodies.


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