French diplomacy wants to resume “a dialogue


Sylvain Itté, French Ambassador for Public Diplomacy in Africa, is currently on a 5-day visit to the Central African Republic. The diplomat recently appointed to this poster meets in particular the Prime Minister, the Director – General of the Presidency, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Communications, civil society and journalists in a context where the Paris – Bangui axis crosses an area turbulence.

Objectives announced: “to make an inventory” of French-Central African relations in order to resume “a constructive dialogue”. France froze its budget support and suspended part of its military cooperation in the spring.

According to Paris, the growing influence of Russian paramilitaries in the CAR and the diversity of false information and comments hostile to France. “Manipulations” according to Sylvain Itté. “They are several, multifaceted, they are here in CAR, in France, in countries bordering CAR. We know them, we know absolutely who the authors are and sometimes the sponsors.”

Serge Ghislain Djorie, Minister of Communications and Media and spokesman for the government: “We want to tell the entire Central African population and the French people that we have no problems with France. When it comes to what happens when it comes to the disinformation campaign, we will work on it. We are beginning to identify those responsible for this. I think we will address their concerns shortly. ”

Behind the scenes, we learn that it is a matter of sending a specific message to the Central African authorities in order to obtain “concrete documents” following promises of normalization of the new Dondra government. While President Touadéra has just set up the Organizing Committee of the Republican Dialogue, long sought after by international partners.


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