game of La Francophonie under the threat of


The 9th Francophonie Games are planned in Kinshasa from 19 to 28 August 2022. Almost a year since the organization of this sporting and cultural event, doubts are beginning to take into account the respect of the calendar.

This edition was already planned for earlier this year, but it had been postponed at the request of the Democratic Republic of Congo after the pandemic in Covid-19. The progress of the work raises fears of further postponement or assignment of the games to another country.

In early April, Félix Tshisekedi began work on rehabilitating and developing the venues to host the La Francophonie Games, but little progress has been made recently. Made this known in mid-June in a follow-up report.

The biggest concern is infrastructure. The committee’s architects point out inconsistencies and shortcomings. Timelines and deadlines, they say, are neither complete nor accurate. The conditions for concluding contracts for the construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure do not meet the requirement for transparency that lies in major international events, the committee adds.

In Kinshasa, this situation is explained by the slowness of the administration and the coronavirus. In view of this situation, the Committee first asked the Congolese authorities to submit a monthly activity report, but the international organization La Francophonie is still not satisfied. Its Permanent Council has finally decided to send an assignment. Technical expert to issue additional technical recommendations in relation to the continuation, postponement or cancellation of these games.

Meanwhile in Kinshasa, authorities are trying to restore order. For his part, Félix Tshisekedi continues to assert his will and determination to organize these games. Last Saturday, Prime Minister Sama Lukonde gathered several ministers to take stock and try to restart the machine.


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