Green company explodes in Africa


Africa produces millions of tonnes of waste every day, especially plastic waste. More and more young entrepreneurs are starting recycling, sometimes with ingenious processes. But they are all looking for partners, financial and technical. Meeting with some of them last week at the Ambition Africa Summit, which was organized alongside the Africa-France Summit.

Plastic, glass or used oil, Africa suffocates under its waste. Fortunately, more and more inventive minds are starting to recycle. Using a pyrolysis furnace made by his Cameroonian engineers, Walter Djatsa, founder of ISO-TECH SARL, manufactures diesel with plastic bags.

“From fifteen kilos of plastic, we get about fifteen liters per day. But it is not just fuel that is obtained in this process; you also have gash, gash is the raw material for making light, you also have gas that comes out “, explains Walter Djatsa.

In Brazzaville, Dexter Trésor Omono collects engine oils from the city’s garage and then recycles them. “We have a processing unit where we recycle the oils. We remove the waste and produce engine oil for the market, grease and soap, ”he explains. In Ougadagou, AzizDiloma Hema collects everything he finds and recycles everything he can. “Today, the project makes it possible to treat 1% of all daily waste in Ouagadougou”, states AzizDiloma Hema

A slowed development However, these three entrepreneurs are slowed down in their development. “In principle, we collect about ten tonnes of rubbish a day. And we can only process two tons so far. Precisely because the processing capacity with our machines that were manufactured locally does not allow us to do more ”, regrets Walter Djatsa.

Investing in machines and technologies to meet growing needs is also Dexter Trésor Omono’s ambition. “The will is there, but the will is not enough. We need a technical partner, but above all a financial partner because we want to develop the business. The market is there and demand is strong, as the majority of oils consumed in the Congo come from abroad. And we want to give maximum priority to the local production of what we consume “, adds Dexter Trésor Omono.

Convincing to finance green business But finding credit is still difficult for these petroleum chemistry wizards. Aziz Diloma Hema is struggling to convince her banker. “Oh! My banker in Ouagadougou, he does not believe in waste. Because when I talk to him about ‘trash’s, he’s so used to talking to miners, people with high turnover, so I … he finds it not “However, I started from nothing and I manage to save money from this waste,” emphasizes the entrepreneur.

These young entrepreneurs are therefore looking abroad, such as France and its support mechanisms for small and medium-sized enterprises. But above all, they would like their government to fund green business. A profitable business and above all necessary in an increasingly polluted Africa.


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