In Luanda, a new regional summit on the crisis in


Angola is hosting this Thursday a new summit for the International Conference of the Great Lakes, ICGLR. Central African authorities will present a roadmap to end the crisis, which must be validated by heads of state in the region. If the exact content of this roadmap has not yet been revealed, among the issues of discussion is the holding of the national dialogue encouraged by the ICGLR states.

President Touadéra advocates a Republican dialogue without armed groups after participating in the coup attempt in January. If two of them published press releases last week and tried to convince of their good faith, a person close to the presidency reminds that these groups signed the peace agreement in Khartoum in 2019, and yet they have resumed arms.

“Our message is about security, the armed groups do not let us work,” a government source added. But in Bangui, some actors believe that their exclusion from the dialogue would drain the meaning of the process. Therefore, a position taken by the ICGLR on this subject is hoped for.

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The question of François Bozizé can also be raised. All in all, a possible exile of the former president called for by Central African justice.

On the other hand, Bangui would like to send Angolan troops to come and support the Russian and Rwandan forces in the fight against the CPC. But no agreement has yet been reached. Finally, the authorities want to continue their advocacy for the total lifting of the arms embargo, with the support of Angola, before the UN General Assembly.


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