in southern Kivu, law enforcement officials are on strike


In the Democratic Republic of Congo, they are estimated at more than 500, these agents and judicial officials including clerks, bailiffs and various secretaries who have been on strike since Monday in the province of South Kivu. They demand improvements in their social conditions and their working conditions.

as reported from Bukavu, William basimike

Dressed in black as their colleagues, Aidjo Mideso, 43, is one of the clerks at Bukavu District Court. He decided to take part in this strike movement started by his trade union: “I have 6 children studying and at the end of the month the Congolese state gives me 60,000 Congolese francs as a risk premium. During the 13 years I work, I do not receive a salary. 60,000 FC is $ 30. This is not enough. We spend days with the judges taking action on behalf of the Congolese state, the Congolese state really owes us a lot! ”.

“We must be managed by the judiciary” Others of his colleagues met in front of the courthouse, such as Paul Baruti, who criticizes the offers granted to a few privileged people; he calls for an end to discrimination in order to make progress.

Jacques Musafiri, chairman of the trade union delegation for agents and officials in the legal system in southern Kivu, calls for a radical change in the system: “We must be led by the judiciary, not by the public service. We wrote both at the provincial level and at the national level, including the presidency of the republic. We have our recognitions. No positive answer, why we are disappointed with how we are treated and forgotten. As if we absolutely would not do anything on behalf of the state ”.

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