In the DRC, the government condemns the theft of buildings


The State Real Estate Identification, which began in July, revealed many cases of false documents for the purpose of acquiring or selling property belonging to it. The current review also reveals that many tenants no longer pay. Others even try to take over the public space.

as reported from Kinshasa, Kamanda Wa Kamanda

Two former ministers of urban planning and housing and a former presidential candidate have acquired state property at ridiculous prices. There are many examples of Congolese and foreign officials and businessmen who have become illegal owners. But not everyone has yet been stuck by the State Heritage Identification Commission.

The Commission also notes that a certain number of tenants do not pay their rent even though they can afford it. Property developers who have signed a public-private partnership with the Ministry of Urban Planning and Housing are not fulfilling their commitments. All these examples were reported on Monday, September 20, 2021 in a press release from the Ministry of Urban Planning and Housing. And Minister Pius Muabilu even calls on the Congolese people to condemn any proven looting of state property.

This campaign has already made it possible to recycle more goods in the city of Kinshasa. This operation should ultimately make it possible to restore properties and land belonging to it throughout Congolese territory.


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