Jacques Mugabo admits his involvement in the crime


In the case of the murder of human rights defenders Floribert Chebeya and Fidèle Bazana, in June 2010 in Kinshasa, Colonel Christian Kenga Kenga, imprisoned for more than a year, refused, despite being called to the court. But Lieutenant Jacques Mugabo, he admitted on Wednesday, October 13 during the appeal. To the complainant’s surprise, he admitted that he had participated in this double murder.

From the beginning of the audienceOn Wednesday 13 October, Jacques Mugabo admits that he executed the two human rights defenders, with the help of the other members of the command led by Christian Kenga Kenga. The policeman in uniform describes how in turn Fidèle Bazana and Floribert Chebeya were held with their hands in handcuffs behind their backs. Then a plastic bag was placed over their heads with tape to suffocate them.

Jacques Mugabo tells the rest: they leave the General Inspectorate of Police in procession to Mitendi in what is presented as the farm of General Zelwa Katanga, aka Djedjidja. When they arrived, the hole was dug to accommodate Bazana’s body already by a soldier on the spot, says Lieutenant Mugabo. According to him, it was on the way home that Chebeyia’s body remained in the NGO car. The voice of the voiceless, beside the road. He also explains how the crime scene arose: “We placed condoms, hair locks and fake nails before lowering our pants to our knees.”

For this task, Jacques Mugabo and his other colleagues received $ 50 each. When he disappeared, he announces that he has been hidden by John Numbi in his residence in Lubumbashi.

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