journalist Sosthène Kambidi was arrested for her investigation of


AFP correspondent Actualité.cd and RFI fixer in Kasaï have been detained for more than 24 hours without access to their family and a lawyer. Sosthène Kambidi had covered daily massacres of civilians in the provinces of Kasaï and took part in the investigation into the murders of the two UN experts Michael Sharp and Zaida Catalan. He finds himself accused, like another journalist who was arrested at the end of July, of revealing the video of the murder of the two UN experts.

With our special correspondent in Kinshasa, Sonia Rolley

A few days ago, Sosthène Kambidi had told RFI that he had information from the military court according to which he could soon be called as part of this case. Our colleague did not seem worried, he said he was ready to cooperate with justice and was waiting for a simple call. But he was finally arrested around midnight by soldiers in civilian clothes at one of the hotels in the capital.

Before Sosthène Kambidi was deprived of all means of communication, he managed to send a message to RFI stating that he had been arrested in connection with the murder of the two experts.

According to our information, he is reprimanded as another journalist who was arrested at the end of July for having had the video of the murder but also for having learned his circumstances very early. He is therefore noted for revealing his sources when military justice already knows thanks to fadets that the main accused and aide to the Congolese army, Jean Bosco Mukanda, had taken care to call his editorial office that evening to accuse the militiamen of this murder. .

This hearing without access to a lawyer took place in the presence of experts commissioned by the UN to assist Congolese military justice. Despite the conditions of this arrest, they attended a video conference. Contact was only allowed with him.

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