one year after the suppressed protests, there are 124 people


In Cameroon, Maurice Kamto’s opposition party MRC and several Cameroonian and international organizations are demanding that people detained for a year be released after the prevented demonstrations on September 22, 2020. Of the approximately 500 people arrested that day, 124 are still behind bars, almost all have have not been tried and their lawyers have decided to withdraw from the proceedings.

On September 22, 2020, seven organizations including the MRC of Maurice Kamto calls for a massive march to demand the reform of the electoral system, the end of the conflict in the English-speaking regions and transparency in the use of funds for CAN football.

Authorities prevent rallies, about 500 activists and sympathizers are arrested, including Maurice Kamto; our correspondent Polycarpe Essomba was arrested for several hours and clubbed.

124 people left in custody A year later, 124 people are still arrested in Yaoundé, Douala, Mfou or Bafoussam, MRC states. 116 faces military justice and risks life imprisonment for “attempted rebellion”. The other eight were sentenced by civil courts to two years in prison.

Faced with the “arbitrariness and illegality” they condemn, the lawyers decided to withdraw from the proceedings on September 9 last year, and the accused now refuse to stand up for “not tolerating a parody of justice”.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International once again qualify in a press release dated Wednesday, September 22, these prisoners, including Maurice Kamto’s spokesman Olivier Bibou Nissack, or MRC treasurer Alain Fogué, both arrested before the demonstrations, by “political prisoners”, and condemn it Redhac, African African Rights Network, for its part, demands a “global release of all prisoners of conscience in Cameroon”, which he estimates at several hundred.

What the MRC is asking for is the unconditional and immediate release of these people who we consider to be more hostages than prisoners.

Master Emmanuel Simh, MRC leader and party lawyer


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