opening of applications to become a member of the board


Almost five months after the start of the transition, Chad is preparing to set up its National Transitional Council, a kind of parliament during the transition. The application for membership has been open since Monday 6 September. Candidates have one week to submit their files to the committee responsible for selecting future CNT members. But there are still many questions about the selection criteria.

as reported from N’Djamena, Aurélie Bazzara-Kibangula

Be at least 25 years old, have Chadian nationality and good health … These are the conditions for submitting an application. But above all, those interested must be proposed by twelve different universities. Among which; political parties, civil society or even military and professional companies.

For the selection criteria, “we navigate by sight”, admits a politician. If traces have been mentioned, such as the representation of the provinces, the criteria have not yet been clearly defined. Just like the number of places allocated by college.

These two issues will be discussed within the selection committee. But when all applications have been submitted, we let it be known. A way to avoid future controversy over the Wakit Tama Coordination, which refuses to submit applications. She considers the committee too close to power and calls for a dialogue before the CNT is set up.

“There is no party work,” defends a member of the committee who goes to the end of the month to elect the 93 members of this future assembly. The last word will go to CMT President Mahamat Idriss Déby, in accordance with the transitional charter.


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