opponent Eugène Diomi Ndongala arrested for


The president of the Christian Democratic Party is facing new accusations of raping a minor. Eugène Diomi Ndongala, the then opponent of President Kabila, had already been accused of similar acts in 2014.

Sentenced to ten years in prison, he had always declared his innocence and had been released in March 2019 thanks to Félix Tshisekedi coming to power. . Eugène Diomi Ndongala was arrested on Friday and released 24 hours later.

With our special correspondent in Kinshasa, Sonia Rolley

The police warned, in the words of the police, of the “public brawl”, that the police had arrived 30 minutes after the facts. The person who presents herself as a victim is between 13 and 15 years old, depending on the version, she would have come to visit two of her relatives who live in a room in a hotel belonging to the Ndongala family.

The three complainants assured the police that Eugène Diomi Ndongala offered $ 200 to the young girl and took her back to a room that he would have available all year round. The two parents claim to have surprised him alone with her and have, without his knowledge, registered their request for an explanation.

Following the president of Christian Democracy, they condemn manipulation. His relatives say the two sisters and the tenants owed more than $ 2,000 in arrears on the rent, which they had been ordered to pay, and violently attacked the hotel staff.

According to the relatives of Eugène Diomi Ndongala, they invented these accusations of rape, with knowledge of his past, and tried to capture him. According to a source close to the prosecution, there are contradictions between the versions of the main characters that should be confronted on Monday to continue the investigation.

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