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While we are in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), we are still waiting for the inauguration of the first government of the Holy Union, but unscrupulous entrepreneurs are taking the opportunity to speculate. The latest case concerns eggs in Kinshasa. Their price has almost doubled.

with our special correspondent in Kinshasa, Sonia Rolley

In one of the small markets in the center, the box with 370 eggs can be bought for 75 dollars from the wholesaler. A few weeks ago it was $ 40 or $ 45.

Evelyne came to shop. For the past two months, it has been impossible for her to buy eggs: “The omelette at home … For me it is difficult. As the cost has increased, I am forced to make further calculations. Yes, I change the menu ”.

Deryck Tshibangu is president of the Consumer Defense Association. For him, this increase in egg price is speculation.

“We have two large egg producers. There are Daipn N’Sele and Mino Congo. The first has practically closed because it does not produce. Mino Kongo therefore remained alone in the market. We have the impression that there is retention of the product to sell it at the most expensive. So there is only speculation “

Mino Congo is a company under US sanctions for money laundering from terrorism since the end of 2017. President Tshisekedi himself called for the application of these sanctions in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As for speculation, the Ministry of Economic Affairs says that it has received the same type of information.

Mino Kongo would justify this price increase by improving its equipment but this company has not officially informed the ministry, which it is still obliged to do.

A source within the Federation of Congo Businesses (FEC) is developing a virus that would have reduced some of its production, while confirming that it was difficult to get an overview of the sector on the side of Congolese employers.

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