singer Werrason angry after canceling one


The Paris prefecture had confirmed that the big concert in Werrason, which was to be held on Saturday at the Zenith, presented “risks of serious disturbances to public order and endanger the safety of spectators”, especially threats of demonstrations by radical opponents of the regime on the ground. On Saturday, in Kinshasa, the Congolese artist told the press about his anger against France.

After the cancellation of his concert scheduled for Saturday, September 25 at the Zénith in Paris, his speech awaited with excitement. Music columnists and journalists squeeze into a small room at a luxury hotel in Kinshasa.

Noël Ngiama Makanda entered two hours later. The calm air, dressed in a green and gold shirt, fills the artist because he wanted to make his return on the Parisian stage with a goal. “I planned this concert for peace, to unite the artists of the Congolese people and the diaspora, which is why I even invited other great people of Congolese music to travel with them and to perform in France. A way to open the course,” explains he.

An opportunity “sabotaged” by the French authorities, according to him. This is the third time that his concerts have been canceled in ten years in the face of threats of concern from radical opposition activists in the diaspora. “If our Republican president decides today and hits the table with his fist, this deal will be settled,” said singer Werrason. “how can we support this when France is already harming our culture? What happened is an injustice.”

# RDC🇨🇩 – “This random and unjust accusation forces us to ask the authorities of our country to draw all diplomatic consequences for this lack of cultural cooperation from the French authorities” … the declaration of the orchestra @Werraofficiel pic.twitter. com / mJYJunDTfS

– Pascal Mulegwa (@pascal_mulegwa) On September 25, 2021, Werrason also speaks out against his opponents who accuse him of being close to power on the ground. The artist also considers himself a victim of a diaspora that he considers to be eternal opponents. As early as 2011, two of his Parisian concerts were interrupted in the face of “threats of serious disturbances of public order”.

The artist intends to perform in early October in Kinshasa and says that he has already been asked for Switzerland this time.

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