state doctors must decide on


Will state doctors play the extensions of their strike observed for a week in the DRC General Assemblies of their various unions are expected to vote on Sunday. On Saturday, the ministers of civil administration and health presented proposals in hopes of ending the movement.

as reported from Kinshasa, Kamanda Wa Kamanda

According to what the doctors’ unions in the public sector say they understand, the government is proposing a two-step solution to their demands.

“We basically remembered that the government has told us that our demands are legitimate and that it is prepared to meet them one by one gradually,” said Dr Muanda, secretary general of the Congolese Doctors’ Syndicate.

An answer to administrative requirements can therefore be given in the short term. The claims are of an economic nature, they can only be considered within the framework of the financial year 2022, Dr. Muanda detailed before concluding: “We simply say that we leave the assessment of the answers to the base. Given by the government to their claims”.

On Sunday, we are therefore waiting to know if doctors in the public sector decide to continue or lift their strike movement.


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