strong tensions in Buea after the death of a child


The violence erupted after the death of a 4-year-old girl who was killed by a bullet fired by a gendarme while she was with her mother on her way to school. The drama degenerated into an uprising.

as reported from Yaoundé, Polycarp Essomba

The situation has been quite tense since Thursday morning, October 14 in the city of Buea. A real spark in the powder keg that today is this part of Cameroon in the grip of a serious security crisis for almost five years.

This morning, just before eight o’clock, a lady who was driving her little girl to school was arrested in her car at a gendarmerie checkpoint. The lady, according to several witnesses to the scene, would not have followed. The gendarme then fired the car. The bullet fatally hit the little girl in the back seat.

A gendarme killed It was no longer necessary to light the powder. The gendarme, in turn, was fatally beaten and stoned by the raging population. Hundreds of people then paraded in the streets of the city with the girl’s remains before taking the lead in the services of the governor of the region.

The governor and the other city authorities are doing everything they can to reduce the pressure and anger of the population. Several shots were heard and schools and businesses were closed. The city of Buea, after this panic, has already been overthrown in a state of near death.

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