the authorities acquire a dredger for the river


The Central African government has just acquired its own dredger for the Oubangui River, which is regularly silted up. Until now, a dredging based in Congo-Brazzaville has provided a common service for waterways. But this was still insufficient to meet all the needs of the country.

This new dredger is a real investment for the country. According to the Prime Minister, it cost 1.670 billion CFA francs, or about 2.5 million euros.

“The dredging was acquired for two purposes: to improve the Sodeca drainage station to really enable a good distribution of drinking water in the city; and improve places where there are often obstacles around Bangui, says Transport Minister Gontran Djono Ahaba.

These obstacles on the watercourse reduce the navigation periods. The main goal is therefore to revive the river trade between Pointe-Noire and Bangui.

“Today, water transport is an option for us that is really important for the country. It is true that we have the Douala-Bangui corridor, which often causes difficulties. So for us, I think it’s a goal that the Government, the President of the Republic, is setting to try to strengthen the economy. This will enable the country to improve revenues and also contribute to the reduction of products, building materials and others, “the minister added.

During the crisis of CPC, the uprising had disrupted Cameroon’s land supply route for several weeks, which in Bangui created scarcity and an explosion of prices for many basic necessities.


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