the budget, which is at the heart of Parliament’s re-entry


Congolese elected officials returned to parliament on Wednesday, September 15, in Kinshasa. The meeting that has just begun in the Senate and the National Assembly will mainly be budgetary.

During this session in September, Congolese parliamentarians will debate the 2022 budget for the 2021 financial year.

With the increased efforts made by the government and all actors in the political and economic class, we have revenues in particular this year that will exceed budget expectations.

Jean – Michel Sama Lukonde, Prime Minister of the Congolese

This budget prioritises sectors related to security, education, health, agriculture, not forgetting the census and population identification and the organization of elections. A large part is reserved for the army and the police, who must recruit and retire elements at the end of their careers.

Pending the presentation of the preliminary draft budget law to Parliament, Christophe Mboso, President of the National Assembly, considers it important to complete the establishment of the members of the Ceni, while his Senate colleague Modeste Bahati, he, is considering reforming the upper house. to better integrate the provinces.

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