The Central African Republic acknowledges abuses by paramilitaries


In the Central African Republic, the Special Investigation Commission set up in May after many reports documenting abuses committed by the rebels, the army and the Russian paramilitaries has just come to its conclusions. In a summary report on a few pages, the investigators blame the majority of the abuses against the rebels, but also acknowledge, and this is the first, the responsibility of Faca soldiers as well as the Russian paramilitaries fighting alongside them.

as reported from Bangui, Carol Valade

Of the 100 cases of abuse by government forces and documented by the UN, more than 80 have been confirmed, according to the Commission. These abuses include extrajudicial executions, arrests, arbitrary kidnappings, acts of torture, occupation of public buildings, schools, hospitals, services, or even cases of barriers to aid workers.

Arnaud Djoubaye Abazène, Minister of Justice, presents the Commission’s findings: “It was noted that of the 103 incidents, the majority can be attributed to the rebels in the CPC. In the case of Faca, some have already been prosecuted in the ordinary courts and will be tried in the coming criminal sessions for having committed a whole range of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Other more serious cases will be referred to the Special Criminal Court (CPS) or the International Criminal Court (ICC). ”

Abuse in the process of being documented For the first time, the responsibility of the Russian paramilitaries is raised: “On the proven incidents, some can be attributed to the Russian instructors who support Faca in the fight against the elements of the CPC”.

Prosecutions against the support forces, in particular the Russian instructors, are documented for referral to the courts of their country. The Minister welcomes the fact that “Russian instructors” have already been repatriated to be tried in their country

At present, the entire report is confidential, the Minister has instructed the Attorney General to deepen the investigations.

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