the desecration of religious buildings is increasing


Christian places of worship were desecrated or even partially destroyed. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the phenomenon has been repeated in recent months. Churches and other Catholic spiritual sites have been vandalized in several areas. The graves of Protestant priests recently suffered the same fate. Following the Kasai area and Greater Katanga, the province of central Congo has just registered a case.

as reported from Kinshasa, Kamanda wa Kamanda Muzembe

During the night from Thursday to Friday, armed men took over a Protestant mission in Mukubungu, in Songololo, west of DRK. They destroyed graves where Swedish missionaries were buried. The local civil society condemned this act.

Last week, Ms Fulgence Muteba, Archbishop of Lubumbashi, condemned vandalism at Catholic places of worship within his jurisdiction. Strangers took statues of the Virgin Mary and other objects considered sacred there. The same observation was made in more than ten Catholic congregations in the Kasai Oriental province.

To explain these degradations, different hypotheses are studied. Several political actors in the opposition believe that these desecrations may be a kind of appeal to the two religious communities, usually the most power-critical. All this in a context tense around the appointment of the future chair of the Electoral Commission.

But for other Congolese, especially on social networks, it would be a matter of crime above all because certain objects stolen from churches have value. A follower of the occult sciences, on the other hand, suspects methods that are intended, according to these beliefs, to have a supernatural power.


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