the excavations to trace the weapons leave the inhabitants


In Chad, in order to meet insecurity and curb conflicts between herdsmen and peasants, the authorities have decided to launch a disarmament campaign.

as reported from Ndjamena, Aurélie Bazzara-Kibangula

The campaign was launched on July 16 and continues today. Purpose: to recover all illegally stored weapons. A joint commission was set up for this purpose, consisting of the National Gendarmerie, the National Guard and the Nomad and the National Army of Chad. If the authorities defend a fairly positive result so far, the residents of the capital are quite skeptical.

Walkie-talkie in hand, this soldier is stationed at the Farcha roundabout. Four pick-ups of tired men with guns in their hands are blocking traffic in this northern district of the capital. “We search until 22.00, all vehicles. If the person has permission, we let him. If he does not have it, it is confiscated, he says.

Excavations take place daily on several axes in Ndjamena. They make it possible to strengthen safety according to Abakar, a taxi driver. But behind the wheel of his car, this lawyer is quite upset: “Every time I come home from my office at 7pm, I get searched. But these are not serious excavations. Those who have weapons know that we should look every night. Who should walk around with weapons? It’s a mockery that does not say its name. ”

Systematic searches are part of the security strategy, explains General Daoud Yaya Brahim, Minister of Defense. A strategy that pays off according to him: “This excavation has started not only in Ndjamena but also all over the country and these excavations have given very positive results. We have presented 1309 weapons and we double the belt to take other weapons if there are any. “

The question of the origin of these weapons and their circulation remains. Authorities say the various armed conflicts and rebel incentives have encouraged arms trade in Chad. A statement that does not convince human rights organizations.


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