The “LMD” reform praised by students


General conditions for higher education ended on Tuesday, September 14 in Lubumbashi. Several reforms have been announced to provide high-quality education to young people. The main reform, which was also praised by the students, is the one concerning generalization at all universities in the LMD system, License-Master-Doctorate. The latter emphasizes practical training and makes the student employable at the end of his cycle.

as reported from Lubumbashi, Denise maheho

Current higher education in the Democratic Republic of Congo is based on the old model including the Graduate-License-Goctorat cycle. It therefore takes 7 to 8 years to have a specialization. For students, this is not a practical system at all.

“We have a large number of theoretical courses and very few hours of practice,” regrets Iragi Elisha, during the second year of the license at the University of Lubumbashi. So when they leave university, most students are forced to go through internships to prove what they can do. ”

Hence the form initiated to promote practical training through LMD, License-Master-Doctorate system. A system already applied in some private institutions such as New Horizons University in Lubumbashi.

The LMD reform was applied from the beginning of the academic year in November “We have been here for five years”, reminds Professor Alexie Takizala, its Rector. And I was told that among our elders there are some who have created their own business. It is very modest but they created. That’s what interests us. ”

The LMD system will be generalized in all public and private universities from the beginning of the academic year scheduled for November, announced Muhindo NZangi, Minister of Higher Education.

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