the opposition agrees to join the committee


President Touadéra was announced at the end of his re-election and the Republican dialogue is delayed in the Central African Republic. The establishment of the organizing committee by presidential decree on June 30 triggered a shout in the opposition, which then considered it unbalanced in favor of the government.

as reported from Bangui, Carol Valade

Following a meeting with the Presidency, the decree has only slightly changed. COD 20-20, a platform that brings together the main figures of the political opposition, now agrees to participate in the organization of the dialogue. Main modification: the Organizing Committee for Dialogue is ultimately not “under the direct authority of the Head of State”.

The President of the Republic no longer appoints the chairman of the committee, although the latter is a representative of the public authorities. The number of delegates from political parties goes from 1 to 4 for power as for the opposition. And the choice of experts who can provide support is no longer limited to CAR’s technical and financial partners.

“This new decree responds positively to our expectations,” explains Me Nicolas Tiangaye, spokesman for COD 20-20. The coalition will therefore participate in the organizing committee and will be represented by deputies Aurélien Simplice Zingas and Serge Psimhis.

The opposition is thus adding water to its wine, which demanded a dialogue under the leadership of the international community with an external mediator and integrate active armed groups.

But she accepts “with some reservations”, warns Me Tiangaye: that decision-making by consensus and that the inclusive nature of dialogue is part of the committee’s rules of procedure.


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