The Perenco company is sued by NGOs


In Gabon, the French oil company Perenco, the largest oil producer in the country, was accused and prosecuted by a prosecutor near the Court of First Instance in Port-Gentil, the country’s economic capital. The oil company is sued by NGOs for environmental pollution. Perenco recognizes an unintentional oil spill, but not necessarily to the extent that NGOs have done.

With our correspondence in Libreville, Yves-Laurent Goma

Perenco has not yet been convicted, but Georges Mpaga, chairman of the Network of Free Organizations for Good Governance (ROLBG), author of the complaint, is already claiming victory. the victory of the law, it is the victory of the truth, it is the victory of societies against a multinational, he says.

It was in January last year that ROLBG and Deputy Pierre Philippe Akendengué, representing communities in the Etimboué department, lodged a complaint against Perenco.

“This pollution has detrimental effects on marine ecosystems, human activities and economic activities,” continues Georges Mpaga. Perenco must pay according to the polluter pays principle ‘.

Baptiste Breton, CEO of Perenco, acknowledges in a written statement a one-time incident that generated environmental damage. The incident was immediately limited and the decontamination work is nearing its end, he said. The company, which claims to apply the best international standards, “reiterates its determination to cooperate fully with all competent authorities following these deplorable events”.


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