the summary report of the Special Investigation Commission


The special commission of inquiry set up following a series of reports documenting abuses committed by rebels, Faca and Russian paramilitary forces in the country presented a summary report on Friday. Investigators blame the majority of the abuses on the CPC rebels who will be brought to justice, as well as the Central African soldiers suspected of abuses, by national or international courts depending on the seriousness of the matter, the government says. For the first time, the authorities have acknowledged “proven incidents” with “Russian instructors”. In its subject, several questions remain unanswered.

as reported from Bangui, Carol Valade

For the chairman of the Special Investigation Commission, Justice Minister Eric Didier Tambo, there is no doubt: “The instructors are present within the framework of the defense agreement signed with Moscow. “Those who would have committed atrocities therefore fall under the Russian military courts.”

Like when peacekeepers or foreign soldiers are suspected of wrongdoing, they can be tried in their country. “But provided these are isolated cases and soldiers from a regular army under mandate,” an observer objected.

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However, according to the report by UN experts on mercenaries, the majority of the elements used in CAR are more civilian paramilitary and therefore linked to the private security company Wagner and of different nationalities. While the report from the expert panel on behalf of the Security Council describes extensive violations.

“How can simple teachers commit abuse?” asks Gervais Lakosso from civil society. The government describes them as a “support force” in the counter-offensive, under the opponent Me Nicolas Tiangaye. While Russia says it is not participating in the fighting.

Operations involving Russian paramilitaries are currently continuing in the country’s interior, particularly in the city of Bambari, where a curfew was imposed on Friday after the deaths of two Faca soldiers, according to local authorities.

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