three days of mourning after the sinking of the Congo River


In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the province of Mongala declared a three-day mourning since yesterday, Monday, October 11, a week after a terrible shipwreck on the Congo River. At least 61 bodies have been found and there are only around 40 survivors.

The wreck on the Congo River occurred near Bumba’s territory in the northwestern part of the country. The boat sailed at night and carried over 300 passengers. Authorities point to congestion and bad weather. But behind a drama that is not the first in Congolese waters, hide dangerous practices that were explained to us by Danny Mangbau, a former owner of boats on the Congo River and its tributaries.

He emphasizes in particular two problems: the insecurity of boats and the number of passengers. Because the boat that was destroyed was not a boat, insists Danny Mangbau, together with our correspondent Pascal Mulegwa. This boat is not a boat, not even a whaling boat! They tied up nine canoes in the form of rafts, with makeshift lianas … ”

No communication infrastructure Necessity rules, Danny Mangbau continues, “because there are no boats, there are no means of transport there … The roads, there are no more roads … They only have rivers and tributaries to travel and transport goods and goods. For the roads “There are no roads in Bumba and Lisalail either!”

Suddenly, boats or makeshift ships are overloaded. “We never declare the exact number of passengers we board. There have always been people hiding, ”our conversation partner continues; The freight registers are still incorrect.


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