traced to an Angolan mine


An investigation is under way in Luanda to determine whether the pollution from damage at the Catoca mine has actually crossed the border between Angola and Congo to reach Congolese rivers.

What is the origin of pollution of the river Kasai in the DRC ? A diamond mine in Angola, according to Kinshasa authorities. For their part, the Angolan authorities acknowledge that the Catoca mine has been damaged.

The Angolan government was informed of the incident by the mining company Catoca. Angola’s largest diamond mine, the fourth largest deposit in the world, has experienced “an incident in the sewage system in the sewage basins”, said a Luanda environment minister from RFI.

More specifically, it was a “leak on one of the pipes” of waste from diamond mining, discovered on July 24 by the Angolan mining company. What should I explain the presence, in the nearby pelvis, ferrosilicon, an alloy used in clay vortices that condense diamond ore.

However, the nearby watercourse is the Chikapa River, which joins the DRK 300 km further north, to flow into the Kasai River.

Pending the conclusions of its investigation into the extent of this pollution, the Angolan Ministry of the Environment says it does not know if it crossed the Congolese border. “The important thing was to put an end to this leak and that is what has been done,” said a source in Luanda.

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