two provincial governors are charged with embezzlement


The Congolese Financial Supervision Authority has made Atou Matubuana, Governor of Congo-Central, and Wale Lufungula of Tshopo available to the justice system. The first is suspected of embezzling more than five million dollars. The other is accused of attempting to embezzle aiding a former minister.

as reported from Kinshasa, Kamanda wa Kamanda Muzembe

The Governor of Congo-Central cannot leave Congolese territory. This is the instruction from the General Directorate of Migration (DGM) to all its services. Atou Matubuana is not the only one. Four of his staff, including his chief of staff, are also affected by this decision. And in the note, all border services are called upon to arrest those concerned and pass them on under good guidance to the staff of the Directorate – General in the event of non-compliance with this prohibition.

The Financial Supervisory Authority (IGF) accuses Atou Matubuana of embezzling more than $ 5 million, or more than 10 billion francs in Congo, the money intended for civil and military services in security and justice. His employees are suspected of complicity in this hijacking.

Former Minister of Human Rights pointed outWalle Lufungula, he is the subject of a complaint lodged with the Court of Cassation for trying to embezzle funds awarded to the victims of the wars that the city of Kisangani experienced during the occupation of the Rwandan and Ugandan armies, which is almost twenty years, for an amount of about 21,000 dollar.

The former Minister for Human Rights, André Lite, is mentioned in this latest document. But the latter claims that he has a good conscience and is ready to face the IGF. According to him, the funds paid were used for what they were intended for.


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