Wakit Tama’s leader was released but under conditions


In Chad, the leaders of the opposition coalition and civil society, Wakit Tama, who was called to the judicial police since Monday, were presented to the prosecutor on Tuesday. They had been indicted on Monday for “causing disturbance in public order”, “bodily injury” and “property destruction”, in connection with a demonstration by the opposition coalition to the current military transition. On Tuesday, the three opponents were released … but under conditions.

with our correspondent in Ndjamena, Madjiasra Nako

Held under police arrest Monday night in police coordination buildings after being heard by the judicial police, the three leaders of the coalition Wakit Tama, Barka Michel, Sitack Yombatinan Béni and Félix Marting were presented on Tuesday. Who decided to entrust them to their lawyers time to complete the proceedings. In easy French, they were released, but Justice could ask their lawyers to take them back to the judge at any time.

What is currently blocking is that two of the lawyers are worried about the Interior Ministry’s complaints accusing these activists of disturbing public order, attacking physical integrity and destroying property on complaints from the ministry. For public safety after the the demonstration was dispersed on 2 October because the organizers and the police did not agree on the route.

But to be able to question the lawyers Masters Maxvelt Loalngar – also president of the Chadian League of Human Rights – and Mbainaissem Koudé, need the justice approval of the lawyer in the lawyer in Chad. The bar must meet in the coming days, but at the moment the president is absent from Chad, according to a good source. “We are trying to behead Wakit Tama,” MaîtreMaxvelt Loalngar explained on Monday on our antenna. easy to decapitate Wakit Tama! ”


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