Angola regains neighborhoods, Guinea overthrows Rwanda


The Angolans faced Egypt at Kigali Arena in the quarter-finals of the African Basketball Championship on Monday. Winning 70-62, they won their ticket to face Senegal. Guinea, it tore to eliminate Rwanda (72-68). After this great performance, the Guineans have a meeting with the Ivory Coast.

Victory 11 times in Afrobasket in its history, systematically on the podium between 1983 and 2015, Angola fell from the top, during the 2017 edition, with an elimination from the quarterfinals against Senegal. With a victory and two losses in group A, this Afrobasket 2021 was almost a failure. But Palancas Negras came narrow and won the right to play a qualified playoff for the quarterfinals on Monday, August 30th.

The Angolans did not shake Egypt. After a balanced first act, they took control to come to a break with an eight-point lead (33-25). During the third quarter, Angola retained control and counted up to 16 lengths in advance to finally lead 52-41 at the start of the final quarter. Upon arrival, the Egyptians could only narrow the gap with their opponents (70-62). The effectiveness of Carlos Morais, goal scorer in the match (16 points, 4 successful baskets out of 7 with three points), injured Egypt.

The hour of revenge has thus come for coach Josep Claros and his men. In the quarterfinals, Senegal stands, as four years ago.

The Guinean collective is conquering the host country. The second playoff match, which was played on Monday, offered its share of emotions to players and spectators. Rwanda, in front of its public, thought he would retain his qualification before going through the hell of unchecked Guineans. After a very controversial first half of the game, where the points gap was never more than 4, Syli led only 31-30. In the third quarter, the Rwandans started the second against a suddenly powerless Guinea. 12 minutes from the end, Rwandan was in the lead, 54-44.

But now success changed sides from the beginning of the last quarter, and the Guineans re-emerged quickly. Their opponents kept in touch but could never turn up again. If the election in Rwanda mainly relied on Kenny Gasana (28 points), Guinea was more homogeneous with four men more than ten points (16 for Cédric Mansaré, 15 for Cheick Sekou Condé, 13 for Mohamed Queta and 12 for Abdoulaye Sy). In addition, with a well-adjusted view on the free throw line (77.3% success and an 8/8 for Mansaré), the Guinean cocktail got better Rwanda in Kigali (72-68).

Eliminated in the first round with three losses in as many matches during Afrobasket 2017, without luck in the previous editions 1962, 1980, 1983 and 1985, Guinea is invited for the first time to the quarterfinals. She will meet her the dreaded Ivory Coast, impeccable in the first round (three matches, three wins).

Syli basketball 🇬🇳 wins in a heated Kigali Arena in Block 🔥 against the host country and reaches the 1/4 final 72-68

– FGBB (@fgbb_officiel) 30 August 2021

Qualification of playoffs for the quarterfinals

Nigeria-Uganda (Tuesday 31 August)

South Sudan Kenya (Tuesday 31 August)


Côte d’Ivoire-Guinea (Wednesday 1 September)

Senegal-Angola (Wednesday 1 September)

Cape Verde-Nigeria or Uganda (Thursday 2 September)

Tunisia-South Sudan or Kenya (Thursday 2 September)


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