Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal qualify for the quarter-finals


After three wins in as many matches, Ivory Coast and Senegal only finished in Group C and D. Nigeria, Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda go through the qualifiers to hope to reach the quarterfinals.

For Ivory Coast and Nigeria, victory was absolutely necessary to secure first place in Group C and avoid a qualifying match to advance to the quarterfinals. And it is finally the Ivorians who offered themselves a third victory in as many matches by winning 77 to 68 against the Nigerians thanks to very good Matt Costello writer with 12 points for 6 rebounds. Second in the group, Nigeria must go through a qualifying match.

In the group’s second match between Kenya and Mali, victory was absolutely necessary for both teams if they were to continue the competition. Kenya won 72-66 in a fairly close match. With his 16 points but especially his 11 defensive returns, Tylor Ongwae was one of the most important architects for this victory. Third, Kenya will also play a qualifying match for the quarter-finals while Mali is eliminated.

Senegal crushes Cameroon In Group D, Senegal was already guaranteed to finish in the top three even before playing its last match against Cameroon, already eliminated after to his lost match due to a fall of Covid-19 in its labor force. But the Senegalese had to win to secure first place and they did it that way by crushing the Cameroonians 98-65. With this flawless, the Lions will be able to approach the quarterfinals in the best possible way.

The second match in this group was much more controversial as South Sudan beat Uganda 88-86. With this good performance, the Sudanese were able to take second place in the group, so they will face Kenya in a qualifying match for the quarterfinals on Tuesday, August 31. Meanwhile, Uganda, third in the group, face Nigeria.


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