creation in Paris of an African book fair


In Paris, the first edition of the African Book Fair takes place at the City Hall of the VIearrondissement in the Latin Quarter. This event, which is intended to be an annual meeting for three days, is intended to celebrate the richness of African literature and its authors, celebrities or beginners.

Marco Nezim Tibwi is one of several dozen self-published authors who have been invited to this fair. He explicitly came from Germany this first edition. There was no question of leaving aside those the public does not yet know about Erick Monjour, the organizer of this event: “We have organized two hours of dedication sites so that they can be present. The idea was to let everyone see a small piece of the living room. It is interesting that they are there ”.

From certified authors to educational books They are there along with dozens of confirmed authors such as Rwanda’s Scholastique Mukasonga or the French-Cameroonian Gaston-Paul Effa. This fair is also of interest to the youngest readers. One space is especially dedicated to educational books such as those of Congolese Mukazali: “These are early textbooks with themes. For example, I do the numbers and the human body. It is translated into French, Lingala, Swahili and Tshiluba. Here you are, I’m here today. It’s a first edition and you really have to be there ”.

On Friday, the Senghor Prize jury awarded 2021 author Annie Lulu for her first autobiographical novel La mer Noire dans les Grands Lacs, an autobiographical story that takes the reader from Bucharest in Romania to Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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