Cryptocurrency is gaining ground in Africa


After Ghana, which has announced that it wants to launch a cryptocurrency in the coming months, Nigeria has also just taken the step. According to a document published for the country’s banks, the Nigerian monetary institution, CBN, plans to launch the electronic naira or “e-naira” on October 1. But different steps will be followed before the end users see it. In Africa, however, not everyone is convinced of cryptocurrencies yet.

In Africa, as elsewhere in the world, central banks are wary of cryptocurrencies. But there are those who are ready to try, such as Ghana and the central banks of Nigeria. Then there are the central banks who prefer to keep their distance and regulate the cryptocurrency sector. South African authorities announce a new tightening of the rules for financial companies using bitcoin and other Ethereum.

Other priorities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Finally, there are countries that are interested in it, but have other priorities. DRC. Is that in the hierarchy of problems that have arisen may not yet be prioritized. You should know that unlike countries like Nigeria or Kenya, the DRC is still far behind when it comes to digitization. But in general, we have another major monetary challenge at home, it is first and foremost the de-dollarization of the economy. “

Still, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, some are already making money from cryptocurrencies. Since 2020, a young French startup has installed a bitcoin mining operation, powered by hydropower, near Virungaparken in the eastern part of the country.

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