ex-president Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz says he is


Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz had called the press on Wednesday night in Nouakchott. Since March 12, the former president and a dozen personalities, including two of his sons-in-law and two of his former prime ministers, have been accused of economic embezzlement, corruption, waste and embezzlement of public property.

So far, the ex-president has refused to answer to the verdicts and considers himself covered by his immunity as former head of state.

The former Mauritanian head of state spoke for more than three hours to argue for the rejection of the charges against him. In particular, he stood up against the demonization campaign that he considers himself a victim since he left power in August 2019.

“When you accuse someone, you have to put in the maximum, you have to do our best to criminalize it through intoxication, through the websites uses, through the national press, the foreign press. The goal is to incriminate me, says Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.

The former president was charged on March 15 with a dozen people, including two of his sons-in-law and two of his former prime ministers.

According to him, the logical continuation of the smear campaign is. “I am not responsible for prosecution, everything I am accused of does not affect me, he defends himself.

These are just pure fantasies and lies from people who say they have points to solve me because I fought against them for a whole decade. “I’m talking about parliamentarians, the opposition as well, they are currently connected to the system.”

The former president said he was determined to prove his innocence when the current investigation leads to a trial in the competent courts.

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