MRD’s chairman publicizes that the actions in


Daher Ahmed Farah, president in exile for the MRD celebration, publicizes that his celebration will resume its actions. The UN Human Rights Committee had given the Djiboutian regime 180 days to rehabilitate the Democratic Renewal and Development Movement (MRD), which was dissolved by the authorities in 2008. This deadline expired on July 8, 2021 and the MRD president comes out of his silence immediately .

MRD’s chairman, Daher Ahmed Farah, who lives in Belgium, believes that worldwide justice has agreed with him towards Ismaël Omar Guelleh’s regime: ‘The regime, by refusing to implement this determination, confirms. It stays and an indication that it’s dictatorial in nature. International justice has denied and acknowledged us, restored us to our rights. From there, we actually don’t have anything to ask Ismaël Omar [Guelleh]. As worldwide justice that transcends nationwide justice acknowledges us, nothing stands in the way in which of our regular resumption of operations. “

“Oppression doesn’t scare us” “And we are going to”, he continues. If they oppress us, we will see, but oppression does not frighten us. Oppression, we have felt it for decades. That’s not what scares us. But we are within our rights and the international community, especially international justice, has clearly recognized this. “

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Daher Ahmed Farahaffirms additionally states that he intends to return to Djibouti to renew his political actions: “Yes, yes, I intend to return to Djiboutian land. In any case, very soon, in the coming weeks, our party will hold its congress in Djibouti. ”

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