New meeting on the Libyan crisis in Algiers


Seven neighboring countries Libya began yesterday, Monday 30 August, in Algiers a regular two-day meeting on a par with foreign ministers dealing with the Libyan crisis. These are Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Niger, Chad in addition to Libya and Algeria, the host country. Congolese Foreign Minister Claude Gakosso, representing the African Union High Level Committee on Libya, as well as the EU Commissioner for Peace and Security will also be present at this meeting. Finally, the Secretary General of the Arab League will also attend this meeting. The goal is to establish a roadmap to hold elections on time.

Algeria is hosting a new meeting in Libya’s neighbors, after that in January 2020. Since then, the position of these countries has not changed. They should be able to contribute to the peace and stability efforts led under the auspices of the UN in Libya, far from foreign interference and a continuous influx of weapons and mercenaries.

Inclusive dialogue These countries are in favor of an inclusive dialogue to emerge from the crisis and achieve national reconciliation. The new meeting will therefore discuss the political and security situation, with the approach to the date of the Libyan elections, which was hoped for before the end of 2021. It will try to ensure respect for the UN calendar for these elections, while the Berlin process seems to have broken again.

Prepare an electoral team The meeting will be held in the presence of Jan Kubis, the UN Secretary – General’s Special Envoy, who called on members of Libya’s political dialogue forum to convene an urgent meeting in this forum to try to reach an agreement. election law, because in the absence of this law, no candidate can apply. The meeting will finally discuss efforts to stop the spread of violence coming from southern Libya.

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