North Western of Somaliathreatens to arrest masked delegates elected senators in Mogadishu


North Western of Somaliathreatens to arrest masked delegates elected senators in Mogadishu

HARGEISA, Somalia – Plenty of North Western of Somaliadelegates who took half within the not too long ago concluded senatorial elections might be arrested, North Western of Somaliasaid, which might worsen relations between Hargeisa and Mogadishu.

The breakaway area’s vp Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail, alias Saylici, mentioned Hargeisa had acknowledged those that participated within the elections, noting that strict motion could be taken towards them.

In addition, added the vp, the determination of the delegates to take part in the polls didn’t have the blessing of the federal government of Somaliland, noting that the candidates who took half within the polls aren’t acknowledged and is not going to be accepted in Somaliland. .

“I say to the Somali individuals, we aren’t fearful about what is happening behind the few kilometers of international safety, and we don’t settle for it. We don’t imagine that 20 rebels from that nation characterize us, and so they don’t converse. not for us, ”Saylici mentioned.

Once again in Hargeisa, the vp mentioned, they might be arrested and charged in courtroom. The delegates participated within the election of 11 senators who characterize the area within the federal parliament.

“The ones hiding their eyes are the ones who left North Western of Somaliaand want to come back tomorrow. They are national criminals. Let’s not see the Somalilanders screaming when they are arrested tomorrow,” he mentioned.

In his speech to the media, the vp mentioned North Western of Somaliawas very dissatisfied with the presence of United Nations officers through the elections in central Afisyoni. The area is combating for worldwide recognition three many years after claiming to secede from Somalia.

“I am however deeply saddened that the United Nations sees and believes that 20 or 30 traitors are accepted as our representatives,” he mentioned, referring to the presence of UN Special Representative James Swan and a delegation. of the AU.

Somaliland’s official spokesperson on the COVID-19 Infection Committee, Hussein, mentioned authentic North Western of Somalialawmakers elected in Mogadishu don’t characterize Somaliland.

“ North Western of Somaliais an independent country, and it has been self-governing for 30 years. The man (delegate) who says I represent North Western of Somaliatoday is a dreamer. No one has been sent to Mogadishu on our behalf. His electorate represents Somaliland, ”he mentioned. .

“The delegates also use the derogatory term ‘northern regions.’ They represent themselves, they are mercenaries, they do not represent North Western of Somaliaat all,” Dayr added.

Ambassador Safina, spokesperson for the North Western of SomaliaElection Commission, instructed delegates put on extra masks and headscarves on account of COVID-19 precautions.

Since 1991, North Western of Somaliahas run a authorities parallel to that of Mogadishu after the outbreak of civil battle. In reality, in May, the area hosted the primary democratic parliamentary elections that noticed over 1,000,000 voters select 82 MPs.



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