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2021 has had more than its fair share of bad news: the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the return to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan, a major economic crisis in Lebanon, a brutal crackdown on protests in Colombia and fires devastating in Algeria. But at AXADLETM Observers, we also covered some good news of positive initiatives underway around the world.

To mark the end of the year, we’re revisiting seven of the best positive news we covered in 2021.

The Senegalese teacher who carried her pupil’s baby during class, encouraging young mothers to continue their studies

This morning, I had the pleasure of carrying the baby of one of my students during my class at the University. I pay tribute and salute the courage of all student moms. pic.twitter.com/gKgjVs3IYa

– Labalytoure (@ToureLabaly) June 2, 2021 Labaly Touré, professor at a Senegalese university, sparked adoration on Twitter after posting two photos showing himself teaching … while carrying the baby of one of his students.

Our reporters reached out to Touré, who said he took the baby so his mother could focus on her homework. He passionately encourages young mothers to continue their education.

“What solutions can we offer young women who come to university with their babies? These young mothers are in a difficult situation and this highlights a real problem in Senegal. Nurseries and nannies are expensive and are not options for many people.

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In Uganda, a trainer gives gymnastics lessons to street children Video posted by Yiga Mustafa on Facebook, showing members of the Kataka Gymnastics Club performing back jumps.

Since last May, Yiga Mustafa, a 20-year-old gymnastics trainer, has been organizing gymnastics classes for street children in a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Kampala, the Ugandan capital. Each day, around 60 children, ages three to 13, come together to do backstrokes, rollers and somersaults at the Kataka Gymnastics Club.

Mustafa, who was himself a street child, told our team: “Children come from difficult backgrounds. But when they do gymnastics, they don’t hang out in the streets or do drugs, for example. The practice of gymnastics prevents them from falling into the wrong group.

Mustafa’s goal is to generalize gymnastics in Uganda. He also wishes to participate in local and international competitions.

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In India, a teacher built a treehouse to get a better connection for his online lessons In India, schools have been closed for months due to the Covid-19 pandemic – some still have not reopened . In order to continue teaching online, CS Satheesha, a primary school teacher in the town of Mullur (Karnataka state), built a classroom… in a treehouse.

Satheesha often had internet problems at home, so he decided to build the treehouse to get better internet connection by picking up signals from nearby cell phone towers.

He told our team, “I wentogle how to build a treehouse and did all the work myself. It wasn’t difficult because I really wanted to have a good classroom. Now we have a good internet connection and the lessons are going well.

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Japan’s ‘new generation samurai’ pick up trash

Even though Japan is known for its cleanliness, you can still find litter on the streets. For years, the “” Gomihiroi Samurai “(” Samurai garbage collectors “in English) have wandered the streets of Tokyo collecting trash and doing good in the traditional attire of their heroes, the legendary medieval Japanese warriors.

The objective of this group, composed mainly of professional actors, is to encourage the Japanese to collect waste. Contacted in July by our team, Nakagawara, the group leader, said: “People actually told us that they stopped throwing away trash after showing our videos. Others say they have started picking up trash when they see it on the ground.

According to him, the amount of garbage on the streets in Japan has increased since the start of the pandemic as people use more disposables for “health and safety reasons”.

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In Malawi, a policeman built a sports complex for young people on his own Photos posted on September 24 on the Facebook account of Kanduwa Sande, who built a sports complex in Machinga, Malawi.

For ten years, Kanduwa Sande, a policeman from Machinga, a neighborhood in southern Malawi, has been working on his own to build a sports complex on a vacant lot. The complex includes a track, playgrounds and a landing pit for the long jump.

Our team spoke to Sande in June. He said: “Sport is a catalyst for development because athletes lead healthier and more active lifestyles. “

Our team also spoke with Merry Kholpa, primary education consultant, who praised Sande’s work, saying that most sports facilities in Malawi are reserved for the more privileged, like children who attend a private school.

Some of the young people who train at the Sande sports complex have won medals in regional and national competitions.

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Iraqi citizen in Germany helps stranded migrants via his Facebook page Since 2016, Ihab al-Raoui, an Iraqi immigrant living in Germany, has been using his Facebook page “Consolidated Rescue Group” to rescue stranded migrants. When migrants contact him, he asks them for their GPS coordinates, which he then passes on to local aid groups or the coast guard.

This work saves lives. When we interviewed al-Raoui, he said: “On October 8, we were contacted by migrants who were in a boat between Izmir, Turkey, and the Greek island of Lesvos. They told us that the Greek Coast Guard sabotaged their boat’s engine and left them to their fate. There were 22 people on board, including three children. We contacted the Turkish Coast Guard who rescued them.

This year, al-Raoui also received a number of messages from migrants trapped on the border between Belarus, Poland and Lithuania.

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In Colombia, a 14-year-old teenager highlights the work of farmers with his information videos Video posted on the Instagram account “La Granja del Borrego” on July 2, to say that we must value the tomatoes that we eats, because of the work between them and the difficulties that Colombian farmers regularly face. Whether it’s explaining the work involved in growing tomatoes, giving tips on what to feed chickens or making compost, these are just a few of the topics covered in the videos that Carlos Alberto Díaz Colmenares, 14, and his big brother Juan have been directing since 2020. They publish videos on the Instagram account “La Granja del Borrego” (“The lamb farm” in English), which has more than 407 000 subscribers. Their objective is to highlight the work of farmers, raise awareness of agricultural work and provide information on environmental protection.

Contacted by our team last October, Carlos Alberto Díaz Colmenares said: “In my opinion, the most important thing is to show that working in the country is difficult, which we quickly understood (…). For example, about three months after we planted tomato seeds and worked to grow them, our crop was destroyed by a fungus. “

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