questions on the longer term state price range


In Madagascar, this yr’s second common parliamentary session opens. One of the necessary duties of the elected officers might be to check the monetary proposal for 2022 after which vote on it. The medium-term expenditure framework doc for the interval 2021-2023, which was printed in August, offers a glimpse of the final contours of public expenditure forecasts. For civil society, sure expenditures are already being questioned in view of the nation’s present state.

as reported from Antananarivo, Sarah Tétaud

For a number of years, the Collective for Citizens and Civic Organizations (CCOC) has rigorously examined using the state price range. This yr, the group is significantly pointing the finger at budgets “without a specific destination”, which nonetheless account for greater than 8% of the full price range (in opposition to 11% in 2020, however 0.6% in 2017). Significant sums put aside with out anybody understanding what they might be used for.

The CCOC, by its Secretary-General Hony Radert, believes that these quantities needs to be distributed straight to the ministries in precedence sectors. “The Ministry of Health has not been given sufficient capacity for what it needed to implement its development plan for the health sector. We find that it would be much more useful for the population for these amounts “without destination” to be allocated directly to the ministries. [nécessiteux] and that they are held accountable for the achievements they will make with that money. “

The organization is also concerned about the increase in loans from technical and financial partners. An increase of almost 150%: “Where we sound the alarm is that we have no visibility as citizens on these loans. We would like the state to set up a consultation platform so that we know what we commit our children and grandchildren to pay back. For example, the cable car in Tana, we are talking about a loan of 150 million euros! We were not informed about the terms of this contract, about the usefulness of the cable car, the extent to which this cable car costs 4000 ariary per ticket (90 euro cents when a bus trip costs about 10 euro cents, editor’s note) and what plans to transport 40,000 people per day will really be useful for the people of the capital. How many will have access to it? Will we have a return on investment that is sufficient to say that this loan is worth it? “

Another complaint is insufficient prioritization of social sectors: “For example, we have the case of salaries for doctors or teachers, which are judged to be insufficient in relation to the important task they have in the development of human capital. At the same time, we are seeing new stadiums flourish in different districts of the island and the question arises as to the priorities in relation to this famous human capital to be developed in terms of health, education, access to water, social protection, to enable vulnerable people to get out of this vulnerability and become autonomous people over time. ”

With regard to the corruption that plagues the nation, the particular management and monitoring our bodies ought to acquire solely 0.22% of the price range this yr.


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