Somalia’s military recaptures the important thing metropolis from al-Shabab


Security forces recaptured a key city in Somalia’s central Mudug region from al-Shabab terrorists on Sunday, officials said.

“The Gorgor command of the national army today attacked al-Shabab terrorists in the Qodqod area of ​​the Mudug region, where the terrorists suffered deaths, injuries and destruction,” the Somali military said in a statement.

The city was captured by the Somali army along with central Galmudug’s forces after fierce fighting with al-Qaeda-linked terrorists, forcing them to flee, according to Ibrahim Mohamud, a local official from whom the operation took place.

He said some government soldiers were injured in the fighting.

“Galmudug’s security forces, along with the SNA (Somali National Army), have now completely retaken the city of Amara from al-Shabab militants following a planned offensive on Sunday morning,” government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu said on Twitter.

He said the city is completely under the control of the joint forces.

“Government soldiers are now on their way to the village of Sigro, which is controlled by the terrorist group,” he added.

On Saturday, the Somali military and regional paramilitary forces from al-Shabab captured the small town of Ba’adweyne, also in the Mudug region.

Al-Shabab has been behind hundreds of terrorist attacks over the years, including a 2017 bombing in the capital Mogadishu that killed about 600 people, the worst attack in the history of the Horn of Africa country.


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