Ugandan athlete disappeared on arrival on the Olympics


A Ugandan athlete disappeared on July 16 in the Osaka region of Japan. He had not turned up for a Covid-19 test, which warned local authorities. He was found a few days later. Ugandan media announced on Saturday, July 24, that he is currently in custody.

Cap on his head, jeans with holes and hanging arms, a photo published by the authorities perpetuates the athlete’s return to Uganda. Julius Ssekitoleko landed at Entebbe Airport on Friday, July 23, where officials from the Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Sports were waiting for him.

On Saturday night, several Ugandan media assured that the athlete would spend his second night in custody. On social networks, Internet users wonder about the legal reasons for such treatment.

In a statement on Friday, the Ugandan Foreign Ministry said the athlete had “violated the code of conduct” for the Ugandan Olympic team and would receive psychological support.

Twenty-year-old Julius Ssekitoleko recently won the bronze medal at the African Weightlifting Championships. He was on a waiting list, but due to the Olympic quotas he had lost all hope of being able to compete in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Before the athlete fled his hotel, he had left a note stating that he wanted to stay in Japan to find a job.

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