350 migrants south of the Sahara tried to enter the enclave


The attempt was blocked by the Guardia Civil with the help of the Moroccan police. Attacks on the border by migrants are increasing this summer in Melilla.

It was the Moroccan border guards who warned their Spanish counterparts that 350 migrants originating south of the Sahara were trying to cross the Melilla fence. Persecuted by the Moroccan police, they flocked to the border post Barrio Chino. The Guardia Civil drove them back by helicopter. “No one managed to cross”, according to the spokesman for the Spanish government.

This is at least the eighth time this summer that migrants have tried to cross Melilla’s fence. These attempts were encouraged by the success on July 22 of 238 of the 300 migrants who came from Morocco, at the expense of 20 wounded.

But since then, except on August 17, when 57 migrants south of the Sahara managed to cross the border, the Guardia Civil has stopped, with the help of the Moroccan police, all other attempts. Nothing to see the influx of 10,000 migrants to Ceuta in May, the second Spanish enclave, because the Moroccan police had closed their eyes. 2,500 of them had crossed the border. But Rabat then put pressure on Madrid who were considered too welcoming against the leaders of the Polisario Front.


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