Algeria bans its airspace against military aircraft


Algeria’s overflight of French military aircraft was banned this Sunday, October 3, by Algerian authorities. This decision comes amid growing tensions between Algiers and Paris. Following the restriction of French visas for Algerians, a withdrawal from the French president is particularly irritating to Algeria.

Algeria has closed its airspace to French military aircraft that normally use it to join or leave the Sahel region where Operation Barkhane troops are stationed, a staff spokesman said on Sunday.

“This (Sunday) morning, by handing over the aircraft for two aircraft, we learned that the Algerians closed the overflight of its territory to French military aircraft,” Colonel Pascal Ianni told AFP, confirming information from the daily Le Figaro. According to him, however, “this does not affect operations or intelligence missions” carried out by France in the Sahel.

Algeria had already announced on Saturday “immediate withdrawal of consultation” by his ambassador in Paris, explains this decision with his “categorical rejection” of the statements attributed to Emmanuel Macron.

According to a newspaper article The world, the French president, during a meeting with descendants of Harkis and repatriates from Algeria, would have appreciated that after its independence in 1962, Algeria was built on “a memorial lease”, maintained by the “political-military system”.

Emmanuel Macron attacked an Algerian “official story” which he said would be “completely rewritten” and which “rests (rait) on a hatred of France.” Emmanuel Macron called for an editorial production, in Arabic and “more offensive” and carried by France “to counter in the Maghreb a” disinformation “and” propaganda “to be carried by the Turks.

Indignation in the Algerian press Algerian media are very outraged by the statements attributed to Macron and describe them as “Akerbian”. El Watan headline on “The sliding of Emmanuel Macron”

The French head of state “chose a meeting with young French-Algerians to attack Algerian officials to whom he has sharply criticized.” An “unusual resignation at this level of responsibility and unexpectedly from the French president”, assesses the private Algerian newspaper, which states that Emmanuel Macron is a very likely candidate for his own legacy to the Elysee. “The crisis between Algeria and France has obviously returned,” he added.

On his side 24 hours Algeria title: “Macron in vitriol on the” Algerian system “”. “The French president also dared, according to the French-speaking Algerian media, to deny the existence of an Algerian nation before colonization. the words of the French president are unparalleled and should cause controversy and probably a strong tension in relations between Algiers and Paris. “


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