Algeria proposes that it would give up the gas pipeline as


Two days after the severance of diplomatic relations with Morocco, Algeria announces that it can do without the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline, an important gas infrastructure for the Moroccan economy.

While the diplomatic staff packs their bags, because it is today that the Moroccan embassy enters Algeria closes the doors, a new episode has exacerbated tensions between the two neighbors in North Africa.

Algeria has announced that it can do without the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline. This infrastructureextremely important for the Moroccan economy has connected Algeria to Europe via Morocco since 1996. With a capacity of 13 billion m3, the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline first transports gas to supply Moroccan electricity production and then supplies Spain.

“I think we are beyond bluffing and that we are really in a power struggle between Algeria and Morocco,” said Geopolia’s head Philippe Sébille-Lopez, a specialist in oil and gas issues.

“This is the whole point of the agreement between the two countries” During a meeting with the Spanish Ambassador, the Algerian Minister of Energy and Mining Mohamed Arkab “confirmed Algeria’s total commitment to cover all of Spain’s natural gas supplies through MedgazWhich directly links the two countries, according to a statement from the ministry reported by APS.

The contract between Algeria and Morocco expires at the end of 2021, “while waiting, the Algerians had decided to increase the capacity of the second gas pipeline, which also goes to Spain, but directly from Algeria. Across the Mediterranean”, the specialist adds.

Closing the locks in Morocco would be a blow to the Kingdom of Algeria. “The Algerians claim that they will be able to maintain the gas supply to Spain without going through Morocco from now on, and this is the whole point of the standoff between the two Algeria-Morocco countries. So we play on very clear strategic registers “, concludes PhilippeSébille-Lopez.


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