Algeria recalls its ambassador to France “for


Mohamed Antar-Daoud, ambassador to Paris, must join Algiers “for consultation”. The announcement was made by public television on Saturday night, without further details on the nature of these consultations. This reminder comes at a time when relations between the two countries have been strained for several years.

A press release from the Algerian authorities should be released soon to explain the reasons for this withdrawal. But for the Algerian press, the situation seems clear. Emmanuel Macron recently took positions that strongly displease Algiers.

First came this announcement on Tuesday: France is going drastically reduce the number of visas granted to Algerian citizens. This measure also applies to Morocco and Tunisia, as Paris accuses them of not issuing consular passports allowing the return of illegal immigrants to their national territory.

A unilateral decision that upset the Algerian Foreign Ministry the day after called the French ambassador in Algiers.

But above all, it was this meeting on Thursday, between Emmanuel Macron and descendants of Harkis and the return from Algeria that was reported in the newspaper Le Monde dated Saturday. With regard to the Algerian war, the French president evokes “an official story, completely rewritten based on hate speech from France”. Emmanuel Macron to add that Algeria was “built on a memorial lease, maintained by the political-military system”, which he today considers “tired”.

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