authorities announce seizure of Hamas-related property


Sudan’s post Omar al-Bashir turns its back on Palestinian Hamas. The committee for the liquidation of the regime on June 30, which was created after the removal of the former leader, announced on Thursday, September 23, 2021, the seizure of assets of several companies, linked to the Islamist ruler in the Gaza Strip. A decision that the United States is no stranger to.

Buildings, hotels, shares in companies, television channel or agricultural land, the list of property seized by Sudan testifies to the extent of the network that Hamas had woven in Khartoum in the time of Omar al-Bashir. The latter openly supported the Islamist movement before Israel and had allowed his country to become a rear base, where Hamas militants could find refuge, raise money or even supply weapons.

This support had also continued despite the break in the 2016 ties between Tehran and Khartoum. Omar al-Bashir “gave them preferential treatment during calls for tenders, tax exemptions and allowed them to transfer funds to Gaza without a ceiling,” Reuters told a member of the regime’s dismantling committee on June 30.

Seizures announced on Thursday therefore mark a turning point, a rupture that Washington had called for and even setamong its conditions for withdrawing Sudan from its list of countries that support terrorism. According to Sudanese and Western sources quoted by Reuters, the United States even gave Khartoum a list of companies to shut down.


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