civil society demands that Salva Kiir and


A dozen organizations – bringing together academics, lawyers, women and youth organizations – are urging the population to demonstrate this Monday across the country. They accuse the president and vice president of plunging the country into chaos.

Ten years after independence, South Sudan is one of the poorest countries on the planet. According to the World Bank, 82% of the population lives below the poverty line, despite oil reserves and assistance from the international community.

Main responsible: war, insecurity, corruption … and the rivalry between two men: President Salva Kiir and his Vice President Riek Machar. “When they rule together, nothing moves! They do not agree with anything. And when they are not together, they fight and are responsible for the suffering, destruction and many deaths of civilians, “laments Rajab Mohandis, of the People’s Coalition for Civil Action. “Several peace agreements have been signed between the two men, every time they promise to work together and every time these agreements are forgotten. Their disagreement goes back to the war for independence and continues to this day, he says.

“Many southern Sudanese could govern this country much better than them” Three years after the last peace agreement signed in 2018 (which has still not been fully implemented), the political situation is once again stagnant, civil society regrets. She accuses the two leaders of putting their personal interests ahead of the country. “President Salva Kiir is so afraid of being ousted that he spends his time trying to stay in power to the detriment of the country. In addition, both are aware that crimes against humanity have been committed, and that on the day they no longer have power, they can be brought to justice. Many southern Sudanese could govern this country much better than them. It’s time to change; for our leaders have failed and we can not continue like this. ”

Various organizations are therefore calling for demonstrations to demand the resignation of the two men. A first.

The government did not respond, but a spokesman for the head of state warned of what he called a “declaration of war”. Remember that the peace agreement prescribes elections 2023.


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