In Tunisia, tensions between Morocco and Algeria are worrying


As relations between strained Moroccan and Algerian neighbors grow strained, dozens of civil society actors and intellectuals from across the Maghreb have called for a cut in a column published this weekend. What distinguishes this appeal is also the presence of many Tunisians among the signatories. The situation in Tunis is also worrying.

as reported from Tunis, Amira Souilem

Human rights activists, artists and academics … Many Tunisians have signed the call for calm. Among them is Bochra Belhaj Hamida, lawyer and former member of parliament, for whom this biggest crisis between the two great Algerian and Moroccan brothers leaves him a bitter taste. So she agreed the appeal led by members of civil society and Maghreb intellectuals.

For her, it is the impression of a big mess, to see the Maghreb trade union project, which has been on hold since independence, driven even further. “Honestly, we should be a people, perhaps with several governments, but we are a people who have practically the same culture, the same language, the same aspirations. Unfortunately, on the contrary, we see every day, more divisions, disagreements, differences “, she regrets.

Today, she expects her country to activate its diplomatic network. Tunisia could, as in the Libyan case, serve as an intermediary in this amalgamation of the Titans: “The ideal, really for me, would be that Tunisian diplomacy could gather Moroccans and Algerians around a table and that it could really revive the idea more than ever. about the unity of our countries. It really is a good opportunity for Tunisia but above all for the entire Maghreb ”.

To play this role, Tunisia still needs to organize its internal affairs. Even today, the country is still awaiting the appointment of a head of government by the President of the Republic.


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