its support committee condemns a “serious denial of the law”


MaâtiMonjib’s support committee wants to mobilize national and international opinion on the case of the Moroccan historian, two days after Rabat’s Court of Appeal’s decision to postpone the review of his case until December 2.

MaâtiMonjib was sentenced in the first instance to one year in prison to “jeopardize the internal security of the state”. His appeal test was postponed again until December 2.

A “serious denial of the law”, condemns economist and human rights activist Fouad Abdelmoumni, a member of historian’s support committee“We are mobilizing, because we believe we are in the presence of a case of serious denial of rights and a symbolic case of repression of opinions and expressions, in Morocco,” he said.Claire Fages by Africa’s editorial staff.

A “legal aberration” The human rights defender is specifically accused of embezzlement in the management of a center he had created to promote particularly investigative journalism. MaâtiMonjib, along with six other people, is accused of attacking the state’s internal security, as they are officially, publicly trained journalists in the use of certain software that is available for free on the Internet. And he was convicted while in custody and he was sentenced in absentia, while it is a legal aberration, the economist adds.

The MaâtiMonjib case mobilizes many NGOs in Morocco and outside the borders of the Sheriff’s Empire. “We are on a slope where the police state speaks out in a cruel and illegal way. And therefore we believe that it is absolutely necessary to mobilize national and international opinion, to show that this type of behavior can not be free, Abdelmoumni concludes.


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