last day of a “sluggish” campaign


Tuesday 7 September marks the last day of the campaign in Morocco. The team election will take place on Wednesday, September 8 in the Sheriff’s Kingdom. Question: renovation of the House of Representatives in Rabat. The head of government comes from the majority party. An election campaign so far “sluggish”, according to observers.

“Lassitude, disillusionment and disinterest”, these are the words that come back most in the mouths of observers of Moroccan politics before the election.

For academic Omar Brouksy, even in Casablanca, a dynamic and bubbling city, this campaign was “boring”. A candidate in the economic capital admits that in the midst of a pandemic, the meeting with voters was “very complicated”.

Prohibition of gatherings with more than 25 people, open fire from 21:00 … It was necessary to invest in door-to-door or even on social networks and massive sending of SMS.

However, the coronavirus is not the only cause. Analysts all talk about the “disappointed hopes” of Moroccans who voted – in all walks of life – for moderate Islamists in the PJD in 2011, in the wake of the Arab Spring, and again in 2016, and expected it to end. corruption and favoritism.

But for Zakaria Garti, at the forefront of the political movement that originates from the Maan civil society, what distracts Moroccans from the election is also the awareness that real power lies elsewhere, in the hands of the monarch and his entourage.

These legislative elections are, for the first time, linked to municipal and regional elections.


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